Central Market Cheese Festival

Central Market’s Cheese Festival this year is focused on cheese culture around the world. The concept for each poster focused on a unique landmark or icon of the region where a specific cheese originated. I illustrated the posters to fit each iconic shape while still showing off each cheesy texture. The inspiration for typography came from vintage travel posters with a quirky twist.

CREDITS  Client: HEB Central Market  |  Studio: RBMM  |  Art direction: Garrett Owen, Jeff Barfoot  |  Copy: Chris Smith, Rachel Dawer

Cheese-JessicaYoung2 copy 3
Cheese-JessicaYoung2 copy
Cheese-JessicaYoung2 copy 4
Cheese-JessicaYoung2 copy 5
Cheese-JessicaYoung2 copy 2